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Mom! Shall we meditate?

These meditations are part of the guide:


Learn how to guide Meditations to your children so they feel better and know their power within them.

This is a practical guide for any mother who does not need to know how to meditate and wants to let this powerful ancient practice into her life to help her children in a different way.

You will learn how to guide the meditation your children may need on any given day. Either because they are sad, or because they want to create something (law of attraction) or help a loved one. Or to guide it to them.

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Guide Mom! Shall we meditate?
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meditation A
Journey into space - meditation for children

This meditation has to be guided very slowly, giving time to experience and imagine.

You can do it at bedtime to promote a feeling of happiness, cardiac coherence and they may even fall asleep halfway through the meditation. You can accompany it with some instrumental music.

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Releasing emotions meditation B

You can do this visualization with any feeling you have and want to transform.

It focuses on seeing and recognizing the feeling. Realize that you can recognize it and simply with intention let it go. Experiment with the power of recognition and transformation within.

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Sowing the seed

With this meditation they will learn to fabricate the feeling they decide without anything external to provoke it. And they will learn that this feeling can grow and be felt for much of the day if they pay attention to it.

At the same time it increases your cardiac coherence with all the physical and emotional benefits it brings.

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Wish room meditation

We will do this meditation to co-create with the universe.

We will use thinking with the mind and feeling in the body. The thought sends an electrical signal to the field and the feeling acts as a magnet.

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meditation sending light

This meditation can be guided to send good energy when someone you love is going through a difficult time, or simply because you feel like sending them high vibrational energy.

The child will be placing cardiac coherence in the energetic center of the heart and therefore with all the benefits that come with it.

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Protective Shield Meditation

Designed for when the child has any fear or insecurity. It can be because of schoolmates, having to face a new situation, or a lot of things.

The point will be to teach them to manufacture the feeling of safety and security for themselves. Know that it is within you and that you can activate it with your intention.

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