Introduce Me

The thought crossed my mind

“but life is supposed to be about something else”….

Every time I have made a major change.




From continent

Of freedom.

I don’t fit in rigid structures, in doing it as usual just because.

Co-Creating my own reality was an idea that quickly gained momentum seeing results in my body and my life,

And that made me responsible and leave the role of victim.

I could not stop studying concepts and experimenting with them.

Teresa Dies with her children

One day it became clear to me that I wanted my work to adapt to my lifestyle and not that my life had to adapt to my work.

I like to combine

Science, Mentality, Nature and Spirituality.

They are the perfect combination for me, the one that works for me.

And one of the most amazing discoveries was Neuroscience combined with Meditation, Heart Intelligence and essential oils.

All this I have studied and experienced.

And the transformations I accompany have happened because people have trusted me and taken action.

Living according to my values gave me Health, Freedom and Abundance.

It is possible if you have enough self-respect to at least try, at least take the first step.

Transforming your energy footprint will transform your life.

Teresa Dies Young Living Essential Oils

My story resembles many transformations I have seen.

Locked in the cage of imposed structures.

University degree, working 40 hours a week with 1 month of vacation.

Overtime included

Mother of two children in a row, unable to sleep, unable to take care of them because you have to go to work.

Body that somatizes all the inconsistencies you are living.

Diagnosis of chronic diseases.

Until one day you trust and say enough is enough without having a plan and with a lot of uncertainty you dare to bet on another way of living.

From then on, Life gave me everything I needed to transform my reality and live from Well-being, Abundance and Peace of Mind.

After many certifications and experiences, I accompany people who are looking to get out of the cages imposed by society and live a freer and more expansive reality.

One day it became clear to me that I wanted my work to adapt to my lifestyle and not that my life had to adapt to my work.

Taking care of oneself in another way and create another reality is possible.

My job is to support you if you seek to live in a higher frequency, surrounded by the energy of plants and in another reality that is freer and more abundant.

My work consists of supporting through Mentality, Science, Nature and Spirituality.

This has been the synergy.

So…what do I do?

👉 I recommend and sell Young Living essential oils – I know these are the tools that are healing the world in many ways.

👉 I create mental and energetic reprogramming programs where complicated information becomes easy, fun, practical and useful.

👉 I connect with you through my newsletter where I send audios that you can’t find on my networks, instagram or youtube sharing my perspective and tools to transform your energetic footprint and create another reality more expansive, abundant and centered on Wellbeing.

👉 And co-founder of an online community where we turn up the frequency through the Young Living lifestyle.

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