Each person has a unique energy fingerprint with which he/she COMMUNICATES TO THE WORLD WHO HE/SHE IS AND HOW HE/SHE CREATES HIS/HER REALITY.

This energetic footprint is the sum of your frequency and your mindset.

Transforming your energy footprint will transform your reality.

Teresa dies with the Young Living Essential Oils Tea Cup


For years I only worked on my mentality, only to discover that energy work goes hand in hand with it.

The frequency you vibrate at is information that communicates to the world who you are being and the mindset feeds this frequency.

If they don’t go together, you don’t advance.


It is based on these two pillars : Mentality and Energetic Frequency.

A few years ago I discovered one of the highest vibrational tools that Life or the Universe gives us, nature, especially essential oils.

When you discover this you want to be around them all day long and I know these are the tools that are healing the world in many ways right now.

Essential oils are powerful because they vibrate, they have their own frequency and by using them daily we are increasing our frequency and transforming our energetic footprint, that is to say our reality.

I am co-founder of a community in which I helped to activate its essential codes, to know how to use them, when, how and for what purpose.

There is something very important you should know, the quality is what will make them really work or not.

That’s why I recommend and sell Young Living essential oils.

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Connect with the spirit of the plant and activate its essential codes in you.

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Life is supposed to be something more…

this is the thought I have every time a major change is coming.

Living according to your values requires courage and humility.

One day it became clear to me that I wanted my work to adapt to my lifestyle and not that my life had to adapt to my work.


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