3 benefits of using meditation in children

1 Connect on an emotional level with your son or daughter.

There are some children who express and tell their parents what is happening to them, either because they are afraid and express it or they are worried and tell you.

But there are other little ones who just have a tummy ache and don’t want to go to school, camp or grandma’s house.

These children have not expressed their feelings, their emotions, as parents we can often detect that something is happening to our children, it can be for example that our child talks to us through a tummy ache, a bad behavior, a tantrum, etc.

How can we help our children express their feelings and emotions?

We can find different activities to work on emotions with our children, through drawings, painting, music, emotional intelligence.

A different way to help your son or daughter open up and express their emotions is through visualization, meditation or mindfulness .

By altering their chemical physiology through meditation, their brain begins to communicate better between their two hemispheres and it is then that they find words or ways to express what is happening to them.

You may also have created a safe space and at that point they are open to expressing themselves.

As mothers or fathers or even teachers we can accompany them from another place because we come to understand them better.

It is important once they open up to express themselves not to judge them and to respect their moment by not wanting to impose our thoughts. You have made them open up, you have made them express themselves, it is a moment of listening, respect and lots of cuddles.

If you still do the meditation or visualization and they do not express, respect that as well. In my experience, there comes a day when they do.

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2- Learning to produce feelings or emotions without the need of anything external to provoke them.

We live in a society where we want things and we make a thousand and one stories to get something. But if we scratch and go deeper we want that something to feel a certain way.

  • The son who studied law, medicine or engineering to feel recognized and valued by his family.
  • The expensive high shoes that you bought to feel that moment of joy or momentary deservedness that when the next day comes you don’t wear them.

If you realize it, emotions move the world and can dominate our life and make wrong decisions if we are not aware of it.

Can you imagine being able to teach your son or daughter to make joy without having to have a gift to unwrap? Or feel like a good soccer player without the latest Mesi…. shoes.

The mind thinks and the body feels. Let’s join mind and body to make the feeling you want to feel.

You can teach them to close their eyes and generate it from the inside out. Not from the outside in using relaxation and visualization techniques for children.

Otherwise we are always at the mercy of what happens in our lives to make us feel happy. On the other hand, if we manufacture it from the inside out, it is something you will have for life.

son lying down mother we meditate

3- Learning to manage stress and emotions.

Everything passes and nothing is eternal.

We can teach our children that they are not an emotion but that they are just feeling it.

And a feeling can be changed.

I studied with the HeartMath Institute and they teach very simple and effective techniques in which they help change the heart rate of the heart by dragging mental stress into a more coherent and calm state.

Whether our children are impulsive, misbehaved, misbehaving, jealous, or any label you can put on them, by doing something so powerful and simple you bring your brain into a state of coherence, communicate better and see possibilities where you didn’t see them before.

So yes, something so powerful and simple we can teach our children and it will serve them for life.

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I have made this guide because it is what I would have loved to find. A guide that will teach me how to guide the meditation that my children may need on any given day.

So this is a practical guide for any mother who does not need to know how to meditate and wants to let this powerful millenary practice into her life to help her children in a different way.