Back to school with essential oils.

As moms we know that going back to school can be a bit chaotic.

The whole family is facing changes, new routines and schedules. And adapting to these changes, and accompanying this transition with therapeutic grade essential oils can make all the difference.

During the first weeks of school as we adapt to the new schedules, the changes we have to face may be accompanied by fears, insecurities or tiredness.
These emotions affect the immune system and it is easily resented.
As moms we can use nature, its plants, its properties to give support on a physical and emotional level.

And essential oils are the maximum concentration of the properties of plants.

Its aromatic molecules are its active ingredient.

I explain how I use my Essential Oils Starter Kit to face this period, the back to school.

I use lavender so that the whole family can enjoy a restful rest, thanks to its soothing and relaxing properties it helps the body to regenerate. And helping to release the accumulated tension and fears that change sometimes entails.

I also use it for any type of blow, scratch, to stop bleeding instantly. Whether they are due to scratches and falls, or such as sudden nosebleeds.

It is also part of my facial serum, saving me from putting toxic substances that most creams contain.

Frankincense is part of the same serum and is the king of essential oils, called the essential oil of beauty as it is used as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging.

This essential oil is ideal for children to support their immune system, to help lower fever, to heal and regenerate tissue. It is also an excellent mucolytic and spectorant.

Calms and relaxes. It is one of my favorites.

For children suffering from anxiety or even for their mothers, applied topically and inhaled, it can calm the nerves and relax the environment.

Thieves is Young Living’s most popular blend of different essential oils, also popularly called bug killer. I apply this oil during the first two weeks to support the immune system. It is applied to the spine and soles of the feet when there is an imbalance caused by bacteria, virus or fungus. The body recovers and fights infection faster. In this way we support the different systems of the body through the concentration of the properties of plants in a natural way.


Orange, lime and citrus fruits in general, when inhaled, travel directly to the limbic system, also called the emotional brain, where the autonomic nervous system resides, bringing joy and tranquility.

They have the property of improving mood and creativity. Not only do they make the place smell good, but they help calm the mind and lift spirits.

In addition to its use on an emotional level, when applied to the tummy of the little ones, it can help to whet their appetite and enable them to go to the bathroom if they have difficulty in doing so.

Mint and lemon combined help to clear the mind, be more creative and strengthen the memory. In short, to concentrate and perform better.

Personally, I apply peppermint several times throughout the day to keep me active and focused. It is also a great ally when there is fever as it helps to reduce it quickly.

Peppermint is also applied at the digestive level. But it is an oil that we would use from 4 or 5 years of age.

When there are new challenges and changes, we feel emotions such as fear. Fear often affects the digestive system. One oil synergy that supports this system is Digize. You have to try this synergy to fall in love with it. It can save us from sleepless nights due to tummy aches. I apply it with a small clockwise massage and my children quickly notice its benefits and become calm.

Another synergy that saves me family rest is the CR. Thanks to this mixture there is no more coughing at night and the nose is clear and we can breathe calmly. Colds last much less time because this mixture is made from the leaves of different plants. The leaves have the function of breathing. They take carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen, so it’s a mixture that supports the respiratory system and works very well. It’s a before and after.

I could go on and on about the properties of oils and the uses we give them at home. That is why, because there is always more to learn, when you purchase the kit through OilsSisters you become part of a support group, where we accompany families to incorporate this lifestyle, the magic of plants in their homes.

Happy back to school families.

Teresa Dies