I used to be one of those who thought that something just because it was in a hospital or in pharmacies was safe.

Well, she couldn’t have been more wrong.

I used the sanitizing gels when I couldn’t wash my hands with soap and water.

These gels contain a substance called triclosan.

Now I make a copy paste of what is on wikipedia about triclosan.

“Triclosan is a potent antibacterial and fungicidal agent. Under normal conditions it is a colorless solid with a slight phenol odor. If ingested, it can cause serious illness and even death, depending on how much of it enters the mouth.”

Oh My God.

I stopped using it of course.

But I couldn’t find a safe alternative.

To I found this essential oil blend from Young Living.


This essential oil blend allows my hands to be disinfected and also cleanses my blood of heavy metals, oxygenates my cells and boosts my immune system and that of my family.

It is very easy to apply. I carry it in a small spray bottle and we spray it on our hands before we eat, or when we get in the car after we have been playing in the park or have been out on the street and touching everything. When there’s no soap on hand, there’s thieves in my purse.