Reprogram your Mind

This program allows you to MOVE FROM THINKING about the ideal person you want to be TO BEING IT.

Let me ask you a few questions

Do you dread the thought of how long you will be stuck in a relationship, a job or a life that doesn’t satisfy you as the years continue to pass?

Do you feel that you are always stumbling over the same stone and that opportunities are slipping away from you?

Do you feel you no longer recognize yourself, don’t like who you have become?

Are you sick of drama in your life and want to make change really happen?

I know what it’s like to feel this way.
For years I was trapped in a relationship and a job that did not satisfy me.
At night I would wake up thinking that life was supposed to be something else, wasn’t it.
When I looked in the mirror I no longer recognized myself. In my 30s I was supposed to have done and achieved many things and the reality was not this.
After much struggle, frustration and various illnesses I began to look inward .
For the first time I wondered if the problem was inside me and not outside.
From this point on, it was a turning point.
Now after years of taking courses and training I have discovered the most effective way, what I say is to stop beating around the bush and go in a straight line to change your life and get out of that mental prison in the form of insecurity, fear, confusion and contempt for oneself.

Now I have a job that gives me energy, not steals it.

Now I enjoy a healthy love relationship, with respect and passion.

Now I am a mom who doesn’t feel guilty about taking care of myself and respecting myself because I know that if I am well my children are well too.

That is why I will accompany you in your inner change with this program.


In this program you will get:

PASS FROM THINKING about the ideal person you want to be


You will teach the body to be happy.

Your conscious, intellectual mind reasons that it wants to be happy but your body has been programmed for years to the contrary.

- Ana Morales. -

Up until now I’ve been looking outside and this program forces you to look inside yourself.

Now I feel more self-confident, more joyful and hopeful, able to recognize that I am the architect of the life I am living and able to continue creating it. I no longer see my life without that moment of peace and encounter with myself that is daily meditation. I know that from there I can face each day with strength and joy.

What I liked the most is to understand how our body and mind work as a united whole, mind and positive emotion have to come together to create the best life for you . The realization of the great power we have to improve our day and our life just by dedicating half an hour a day to ourselves. to find ourselves and visualizing with emotion what we want to see reflected in our lives. Recognizing the infinite capacity we have to be better and knowing that something external can change only with the perception with which you look at it. In short, to recognize that we have that great creative power.

I loved the program 100%…absolutely. Each one of your videos, your worksheets and the preparation of the meditations show the great effort and good work of a person who believes in what she does. Anyone who tries it will be satisfied and I love Teresa Dies, her way of working and her wise answers to the questions we ask her. In other words: 100% recommended.”

– Ana Morales. –

- Sara Garcia -

Before I signed up for the program there was disbelief that you can really change a feeling or thought. But thanks to the program I can feel that peace of mind that everything is in my hands, regardless of whether the world is in chaos. I have become much more aware of my emotions and really understanding what the underlying tension is to work on that. It was a great experience and I highly recommend it.

- Eliana Estive

Before purchasing the program I had doubts as to whether it was a serious program or just a purely commercial course to make money. But at the end of the program I have noticed a greater predisposition to want to change every day. After each meditation I start the day with all the desire to improve personally and face new challenges. I want to do meditation every day, it became my need. My mood is changing for the better and I feel more energetic. What surprised me most about the program is the meditation, I never imagined it could have such an impact on my day and my life. I would highly recommend this program.

Thanks to this program and to neuroscience, you will put science to change, know how your mind works.
and your body to know how to do it effectively.

There is no one so special that they can’t do it.



You’re going to put science to change. You will have a scientific method to install in your mind the person you want to be in order to create a new life.


You will stop feeling like a victim of circumstances and of your life.

It doesn’t matter where you come from but where you are going.


For allowing you to be who you want to be.

For being brave and asking for help.

For investing in you.

If you are well, so are yours.


Confidence in oneself and in life.

You will learn to enjoy uncertainty.


To feel inspired and co-creator of your life.


Connect with the energy of love.

Install in your memory the feeling of being in love with life.


Gratitude for being who you are, for being where you are and for allowing yourself to shine.

Connect with the energy of gratitude.

Install the feeling in your body so that your cells ask you to be grateful and your mind grants it with thoughts of gratitude.

- Diana Arso. -

I recommend it 100%. Thanks to this program I have felt calmer so I can enjoy life. The rage I used to live with every day has diminished quite a bit. What has surprised me the most is the science behind it all and the fact of using it to change our inner selves. I would also like to thank Teresa for all the knowledge, support and love she has passed on to us. He opened a door for us to go in search of a fuller life.”

- Kim D. -

I highly recommend the program.

Signing up for this program has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I used to live overwhelmed, stressed and with no time for myself. Now I live more relaxed, in peace and without guilt. I liked the presentation of the content, the music, the accompaniment during the 4 weeks and all those little details that make the experience exquisite. Thank you so much Teresa for introducing the benefits of daily meditation into my life.”

Kim D.

How will you achieve this?

Thanks to neuroscience and meditation UNIDAS.

In this program you will learn the process of change.

UNLEARN who you don’t want to be anymore AND LEARN who you want to be, your new SELF.

Each step is designed to be easy for you to understand and easy to do.

This program is 4 weeks.
In it you will learn in a simple way how to create a new mind, a new YOU.


The program includes:


Hand out weekly Work material: Videos, Audios and Worksheets.

4 live calls. One per week.

If you are unable to attend the calls, don’t worry because they are recorded and sent within 48 hours.

Private Facebook group

To connect with women in the same situation as you and help and feed each other.




Albert Einstein said. “We cannot solve problems by thinking in the same way as when we created them.”

And now I ask you …

What life will this new personality you have created live or create?



I hope that at the end of this 4-week training you will think differently, feel differently and create the life you want to live.



This program is for you if:

You are 100% committed to making change happen.

You’re sick of drama and want to live inspired, happy and at peace.

You feel that your way of being is the cause of your unhappiness and you want to change it.

You feel that you always trip over the same stone and you would like to overcome it once and for all.

You are stuck in a mind, in a way of thinking that makes you unhappy and you want to love and value yourself.

You’re stuck because of something that happened a long time ago and you want to let go of the grudge or fear and move past it.

In short, you are 100% convinced that you are the one who has to change in order to live your life the way you want.

This program is not for you if:

You think that it is others or circumstances that have to change in order for you to be happy.

You are not 100% committed to working during these 4 weeks to make real change in your subconscious happen.

- Andrea R.-

“I had already been working on certain blockages with the help of a coach and other holistic techniques.

I feel that your program has helped me me in making a change on my own.

I love everything you have taught us, before I would stay mostly in the reading and not move on to action.

At the beginning of this year, I made a resolution that at midyear I would I had to change the life I was leading. I didn’t know exactly how, But that’s how it is, the best teachers have appeared in my path to generate those changes that I didn’t even know I needed. Thank you for showing up.

I feel that I am growing personally and manifesting the things I deserve and have wanted so much. I have started working with two ideal clients for me, doing the things I enjoy doing and not being tied to a place. At the end of the month I have a trip and that is one of the things I enjoy the most and it motivated me to work independently.

Now I have learned to value myself more, to respect myself and put myself first, to understand that I also deserve to receive constantly in a relationship and not only at the beginning. Whoever wants to be with me will have no excuses. That I can attract that ideal man for me into my life and not suffer for someone who decided not to be.

I’m sorry if I went on too long, but I think it’s also nice that you see all that you can generate in others with your work. To thank you for this opportunity, for the tools you have created.”

– Andrea R. –

“What has surprised me most about this program is that it works.” Thanks to him I have achieved more serenity, calmness, and I have realized how everything works and how I myself work. I also loved the way Teresa guided us and her closeness. Of course I would recommend it.

Marisa L.

You will also receive the ebook FOODS FOR A HEALTHY BRAIN.

created by Judith Covarrubias founder of Por Amor a mi Cuerpo

Ready to create a new mindset and make change happen?

During the 4 weeks of the program you will feel accompanied, during the program you will have access to a Facebook support group and 4 video calls with me.

The program has a cost of 209€.

If you want to do it, sign up to the waiting list and I will notify you of the next call, which may be right now.

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Founder of Cambio Holistico. It does not have a label to define itself. She simply accompanies women in their process of change, whether it is to heal themselves, change behavioral patterns or design the life they want to live. He uses different techniques such as new neuroscience, meditation, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Bioneuroemotion to reprogram the mind. As she says EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH YOU .

She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management. She is certified as a HeartMath Coach at the HeartMath Institut, a Bioneuroemotion Coach trained by Enric Corbera at the ieBNE. Certified NLP Master Practitioner by AEPNL and has taken 5 courses with Dr. Joe Dispenza, great researcher of the new neuroscience.