through meditation

I created this program for people who have chronic discomfort,
chronic illness, fatigue, lack of vitality, anxiety, depression or any hormonal or functional dysfunction in the body.

My intention is that you learn to USE YOUR MIND through meditation and balance your energy to regain HEALTH.

In it, you will find the explanation of what happens in your brain when you meditate, what effect it has on your Autonomic Nervous System and on your Immune System. How to balance and bring coherence to all your energetic centers and how achieving this has an impact on your atoms, your molecules, your chemicals, your cells, your tissues, your organs, your systems and ultimately your body as a whole energetic being.

What does this program include?

*8 videos explaining you:

  • The science behind meditation
  • How to balance your energy centers
  • What coherence implies in your body and brain AND how to achieve it.

*1 guided meditation of 30 minutes to achieve this balance and coherence so that your body can recover its health.

Ready to heal here and now?


Founder of Cambio Holistico. It does not have a label to define itself. She simply accompanies women in their process of change, whether it is to heal themselves, change behavioral patterns or design the life they want to live. He uses different techniques such as new neuroscience, meditation, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Bioneuroemotion to reprogram the mind. As she says EVERYTHING BEGINS WITH YOU .

She holds a degree in Business Administration and Management. She is certified as a HeartMath Coach at the HeartMath Institut, a Bioneuroemotion Coach trained by Enric Corbera at the ieBNE. Certified NLP Master Practitioner by AEPNL and has taken 5 courses with Dr. Joe Dispenza, great researcher of the new neuroscience.